Whatever flooring options you choose from Northern, each one has intrinsic qualities that make them the best. In our 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, we have perfected our methods to give you results that our closest competitors just can’t match. We offer totally customizable options that let you choose elements like color, finish, materials, and more, for other surfaces that aren’t residential or industrial.

Why do customers come to us, even for those unique, out-of-the-box flooring projects? Because of the many benefits our flooring solutions can offer:

Low Cost: The flooring options from Northern Industrial Flooring not only look amazing, and serve a real function as a surface, but they are also competitively priced! We work with your budget to ensure that you’re never breaking the bank, and getting the best value for your purchase.

Low Maintenance: A hose, maybe some soap and water – that is it. Our flooring solutions are incredibly easy to maintain, and they clean up fast. They are resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals, and make an impressive site for all your visitors.

Energy Saving: Leaking temperature zones in your home or business can cost you money. When heat or cool air leaks through your floors, you have to pay more to regulate the air. Flooring solutions from us create a tight seal, repel moisture, and keep the air you want from escaping through cracks and crevices.

Durability: Northern Industrial Flooring products are designed to last for life. They are made for the rigors of the real world and provide you with a surface that will never let you down when you need it most.

Diamond Polishing SystemOur diamond polishing system makes your concrete like new again. It uses patented pad technology to shine all your concrete surfaces to an almost mirror finish and adds the highest value to your home or business.

For more information concerning  the benefits of our other flooring and painting services, or to schedule your personalized FREE estimate with us, please call Northern Industrial Flooring at 1-800-424-8914.